Greater Manchester Police (GMP) is welcoming representatives from different communities to get involved to share their thoughts about events such as large public gatherings and protests.

In the last month there have been large protests across the region in response to the war in Gaza between Israel and Hamas, as well as Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday services at the weekend.

Community representatives from Muslim and Jewish organisations as well as a military veteran have all been in attendance to provide GMP with "valuable feedback as well as being a key link on the ground to help support these events passing safely and successfully from a public order safety perspective".

GMP said community engagement is very important to the force and it encourages people to consider whether they would like to represent their communities and get involved.

Superintendent Rachael Harrison said: “It has been a really helpful and insightful to have different members of each respective community in the building with us, it provides an opportunity for them to hear the briefings provided to officers working on the operations as well as getting some insight into the policing approach, as well as providing community perspectives to inform our planning and engagement.

"Community engagement is very important to us and we encourage people to consider whether they would like to represent their communities and get involved in policing.

“A lot of work goes on behind the scenes in the lead up to big events in Greater Manchester.

"I am looking forward to continuing with these partnerships we have formed, which will help us all in creating a safe space for all.”

Terry Morley from Groundwork Greater Manchester attended to observe briefings and operational control of the Armistice Day events on Saturday.

He added: “I had the privilege to represent the Veterans of Greater Manchester when I was invited to attend the Greater Manchester Police briefing to support the Armistice Day parades.

“It was a pleasure to see first-hand the work and commitment that goes in to making this event run smoothly and safe, not only for the veterans community but also the wider diverse community of Greater Manchester who equally wants to pay their respects and remember the fallen of all our allies in so many wars and conflicts after the First World War.

“GMP have committed so much to supporting the armed forces community in so many ways and this was just another way of demonstrating that.

"I would like to thank Inspector Jim Jones BEM for the invitation and Superintendent Rachael Harrison and Sergeant Chris Johnson for their hospitality and explaining to me what was happening on the day.”

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