A Radcliffe model has announced she is expecting her first child after enduring eight rounds of IVF treatment.

Rhian Sugden, 37, and her husband, actor Oliver Mellor, 42, have fulfilled their dream of becoming parents-to-be after six years of IVF treatment.

Rhian is currently 16 weeks pregnant and told HELLO! Magazine how exciting the news is and about much their lives are going to change.

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Their baby is due on May 4 and they have spoken about their fears that they thought they’d never have children together.

Rhian said: "I thought I'd never have children, that Oliver would leave me to have a baby with someone else, and I'd die alone,"

The couple met in 2013 and married five years later.

When Rhian was just in her early 30s, tests showed that she had such a low egg count and perimenopausal hormone levels that she and Oliver only had a three per cent chance of conceiving naturally.

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The couple spent £130,000 on seven rounds of IVF and almost gave up.

In August of this year, the couple decided to give IVF one last try, however, Rhian was left in tears after being told both of the eggs that were being transferred were of low quality.

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Although they feared that this round would fail too, Rhian found out she was pregnant nine days later.

She woke Oliver up by calling out, “Oh my God, I’m pregnant”.

Rhian has been taking several pregnancy tests a day to make sure.

Rhian added: "It still doesn't feel real.

"We were convinced it would never happen. But here we are, and we're thrilled."