How do we judge ourselves?

I am in the position where quite rightly many in my constituency have strong views on my actions, views, votes and conduct as their Member of Parliament.

MPs like everyone else are not perfect and do not pretend to be. During my time in politics, I have yet to meet an elected representative of any party who does not want the best outcomes for those they represent but this is not enough.

As the Member of Parliament for Bury North I judge myself on what I have achieved rather than anything else. Too many politicians are content to pontificate or moralise rather than actually doing their job.

Since 2019, I have persuaded the government to provide £1m to save Gigg Lane for the people of Bury.

Bury Times: Gigg Lane in BuryGigg Lane in Bury (Image: Newsquest)

The Communities Secretary was also persuaded to provide £175,000 to the brilliant Margaret Haes Riding Centre at Holcombe, allowing the site to be purchased and ensuring the team continues to transform and enrich the lives of some of the most vulnerable in our community.

A new high school will shortly begin construction in Radcliffe and new further specialist SEND schools will follow.

A sum of £40m has been provided in levelling up monies to transform and support the regeneration of Bury and Radcliffe town centres.

A new Health and Digital Centre has been built at Bury College with £9m of government funding to ensure those living in my constituency have access to high-quality skills training, giving them the best chance to thrive and succeed in their careers.

I also worked to persuade the government to grant the College, Institute of Technology status meaning more funding and widening the range of training and educational opportunities for young people in our town.

I persuaded the Chief Secretary to the Treasury to approve the business case for an £80m investment in Bury Interchange, as part of the wider regeneration of the town centre and providing a modern transport hub for our area.

In the Autumn statement the Chancellor, in the House of Commons, confirmed that through my campaigning, millions of pounds will be invested locally through the Greater Manchester Investment Zone to support business and create new high-skilled, high-paying jobs.

During my time as an MP, we have seen 1,280 new police officers recruited in Greater Manchester and given them the powers and resources to crack down on crime and anti-social behaviour.

I could continue, but I hope whatever view you may have on politics in general you will judge me on the things I have done to support regeneration, job creation and improve opportunities for all in Bury.

James Daly is the Member of Parliament for Bury North. You can contact him by going to: