It has got off to a frosty start in Bury today, as temperatures fell well below freezing across large parts of the UK overnight.

Throughout the day there will be some sunny spells, and it will remain dry, but there will be a high of 3° and a low of 0° in Bury.

Met Office deputy chief meteorologist Dan Harris said: “There will be a crisp but sunny start to the weekend for many areas.

“Early next week, following a brief more unsettled interlude, we expect to see a return to widely cold but quiet conditions.”

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Below is an hour by hour forecast according to the Met Office:

8am – -2° Clear skies

9am – -1° Sunny

10am – 1° Sunny

11am – 1° Sunny

12pm – 2° Sunny

1pm – 2° Sunny

2pm –3° Sunny intervals

3pm – 3° Sunny

4pm – 2° Clear skies

5pm – 2° Partly cloudy

6pm – 2° Cloudy

7pm - 1° Cloudy

8pm – 1° Cloudy

9pm – 1° Cloudy

10pm - 1°Cloudy

11pm - 1° Cloudy

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