Winter weather is fast approaching as December draws closer, with weather forecasters warning that the UK could see a cold snap in the coming days.

According to the Met Office, it could see temperatures as low as -7C reach some areas of the UK including much of England and Wales.

The cold snap is set to last until late next week as nights are expected to see freezing and frost across regions, especially rural spots.

See the full Met Office forecast via the website.

UK to face cold snap next week with freezing weather

Describing the upcoming weather the Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist, Dan Harris, said: “Early next week, following a brief more unsettled interlude, we expect to see a return to widely cold but quiet conditions.

“Some rain, or showers, are likely to affect some parts of the east coast, and these could turn increasingly wintry over higher ground areas towards the middle of the week.”

Adding that there is a chance of rain and clouds across the UK, sharing: “At present, the most likely outcome beyond mid-week is that rain from the west slowly moves east, with snow possible over higher ground, and a continued risk of showers over eastern parts.

“However, there is a chance that a more active weather system arrives from the southwest, which would bring more widespread rain, stronger winds, and the potential for more significant snowfall should the air over the UK become sufficiently cold ahead of it.”