A company which makes it its business to give customers a self-confidence boost is celebrating its first anniversary

The Laser Lab opened its doors in Whitefield 12 months ago offering aesthetics treatments, from laser hair removal to teeth whitening.

Manager Ellie O’Donoghue, who specialises in laser  hair removal treatment,said the business has become well established within Greater Manchester with the focus always on the the needs of the client.

She said:"I like to build a rapport with clients and build that relationship to make sure they are getting the treatment that the need, expect and pay for.

"Being the manager her is the best thing."

She said her experience before working at The Laser Lab showed her "how she would like to do things".

Ellie, who lives locally, said: "I think it makes you realise this is they type of clients I want and this is how I want to treat them and this is what I want to do going forward."

The 24-year-old has worked in every role in the aesthetics industry, including receptionist and gained her qualifications at White Rose Beauty College.

When Covid hit, Ellie said she was determined to do what she "was passionate about" despite the devastating effect it had on the industry, as it became one of the last to open.

Bury Times: Ellie O'Donoghue manager of The Laser Lab

Ellie said: "What I get out of it is the difference it makes to clients, we have a wide range of clients.

"We have ladies who have polycystic ovaries which causes them to have hair on their face and it is the difference it makes to them and the confidence boost that they get.

" I have got some ladies who come in and say ‘I used hide my face, 'I used to wear make-up all the time', 'I used to shave everyday' and now they are like 'I don’t wear make up everyday', 'I haven’t shaved for ages'.

"This is what it makes worthwhile, you become a therapist doing this job as well, you get to talk to people everyday and I enjoy it."

Ellie said she enjoyed seeing her clients regularly and finding out about their families, hobbies, and the trust that is build.

She said: "I like that they are able to open up and tell me things.

"It really is rewarding when they are so happy with the results and they tell everyone about me. They may come in having a bad day and they leave with a smile on their face and that’s what means the most to me."

Ellie also has a number of men use the services ­— whether it is the beard line of their back.

She said: "We offer eight sessions at really reasonable price, I think everyone should be able to access it if they really need that confidence boost and it is getting them down."

Bury Times: Ellie O'Donoghue manager of The Laser Lab

Ellie stresses that nothing can guarantee permanent hair removal.

She explained: "I say to my clients it is permanent hair reduction.

"As long as you are seeing a massive difference from when you start coming in for your treatment to when we start getting near the end we have done something right.

"This could be whether it is going on holiday for three weeks and not have to pick up a razor while you are there.The hairs are becoming finer hairs and you are winning."

She said that every client is given a consultation to ensure the treatment is effective and there is no medical condition that could be responsible for the hair growth.

"I always advise areas that I think should be treated and not treated and I will explain why,

"There are loads of reason why people cannot have laser treatment."

Bury Times: The Laser Lab

For many tis the season of wooly tights and the pressure to shave/wax is far less.

And actually, Ellie says that now is the best time to have laser treatment as skin is unlikely to be exposed at this time of year - with the treatment all but complete by the time the summer arrives.

She said: "For most people the summer holidays are out of the way and you cannot have laser treatment two weeks before and after you go in the sun

"UV rays has dropped right down and you don’t run risks of skin being sensitive or getting pigmentation.

"You have got quite a few months before summer and you will be ready for your holidays."

Laser treatment is carried out using a special machine, something which Ellie advises people ask about as part of their research before going for the treatment.

Any surplus hair is shaved before the treatment begins - which takes no longer than 15 minutes.

A gel is applied and the machine on the area being treated.

Results can be seen from the very first treatment. The regrowth is much finer and the the time between traditional hair removal treatments is vastly increased - and that is from the very first treatment.

I for one am tempted to take advantage of the full course - which I'm sure would be cheaper than the traditional waxing and shaving - and far less painful!

For more information visit https://thecryolab.co.uk/the-laserlab/

The Laser Lab is based at 40 Bury Old Road.