Helen Flanagan and her daughter graced the red carpet at the Disney premiere of Wish.

The new film is out now in cinemas everywhere, including at VUE and Cineworld.

Bury-born actress Helen was accompanied to the Manchester premiere by her daughter Matilda, who she said loved the film.

In a caption posed to Instagram, Helen said: “My beautiful daughter and I @disneyuk premiere Wish.

"Matilda loved the film and so did I such a magical, empowering film.”

Helen wore a long white gown with ruffles at the top, with her hair in a loose up-do, while Matilda wore a light brown silk dress with white shoes.

Fans jumped to the comments to gush about how amazing the mum and daughter duo looked.

One said: “Awhhh just seen this! Just messaged you, you and Matilda look beautiful.”

Another said: “She looks like she might get used to the red carpet, you both look beautiful.”

Disney's Wish follows 17-year-old heroine Asha played by Ariana Bose as she makes a wish upon a star which comes to life.

Chris Pine stars as Magnifico, the much-loved King who also grants wishes but with a dark secret that Asha finds out.

The film is out now in cinemas and showings for Vue can be found online here.