Officers discovered a quantity of cannabis after they spotted a vehicle that had 'not long been left'.

The vehicle was first seen on Rochdale Old Road by town centre police.

After then seeing that the vehicle had been left and was still ‘warm to the touch’ a search was carried out, where they also noticed that a tyre was below the legal tread depth limit.

As a result the vehicle was seized.


Bury Times:

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police said: “Today, town centre officers sighted this vehicle being driven on Rochdale Old Road.

“The vehicle - a short while away from where it was first sighted - was insecure and still warm to the touch.

“Following a search of the vehicle, a quantity of cannabis was found, and it also wasn't in the best condition with a tyre having its tread depth well below the legal limit.

“This vehicle was subsequently seized due to this incident.”

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