A councillor has thanked a borough business for its support as a project to improve the village makes headway.

Yvonne Wright, an independent councillor for Tottington, has thanked Ian Senior of SKkits on Market Street, after he donated a set of bespoke caps for the Tottington Civic Pride group, which was formed this summer.

The group, which followed in the footsteps of the Ramsbottom Civic Pride group, had its first meeting in July with the aim of cleaning up the village with tasks such as weeding and cleaning up leaves.

Its first job was to tidy up the bus terminus area of Market Street.

Group founder, Cllr Wright, said Ian told the group it was a "pleasure" to supply to caps and that it was "great to see the team".

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She said: “One of the group went into SKkits and chatted to him and it evolved from that. He’s very supportive, all the shopkeepers are, we’re there making the village better and they’re very supportive.

“We get out twice a week, our main focus is the centre of Tottington and our focus during the summer was all the weeds.

“We wanted our village to look great and it did. It’s a small group of mature people and I’ve got to say we have the most terrific support from local people.

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“People are really grateful for what we do and we get a lot of support on social media for what we do as well. We’ve enjoyed doing it, it’s a free gym and we’re making friends."

Cllr Wright says current tasks have including planting bulbs to be ready for next spring and clearing away autumn leaves to ensure the pavements are safe.

She added: “We’ve got plans for next year that we’ll do more planting, we’d like to buy a bench, we’re very low key, but people say we’re doing a good job.”