Manchester airport has issued an update on travel this morning after it snowed last night.

As the snow lays on the ground lightly, many people will understandably be worried about catching flights today.

Manchester Airport said this morning they were busy clearing the runways but they were in fact still open unless customers are told otherwise about their flight bookings.

A statement last night stated: “The cold weather is here and our teams are working hard to prepare the airfield and clear any potential snow overnight to minimise disruption.

“If you are due to travel this evening or tomorrow morning, please check with your airline for up-to-date flight information and allow extra time and care for your journey to the airport.”

Since then, the airport has remained open and another statement has been sent out on runways being open.

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It said: “The cold weather is here but our teams are working hard to keep everyone safe and informed.

“Our runway remains open but please check with your airline for up-to-date information and allow extra travel time today.”

Currently, all flight statuses this morning are showing as departing and none have been cancelled.

However, there is currently limited services available from Northern on getting to the airport.

Northern tweeted: “Due to train crew unavailability, less services than usual are able to operate on the Blackpool North to Manchester Airport line.

“Customers may use Transpennine Express services between Lancaster/Preston and Manchester Airport.”