A dessert cafe has launched a six-course tasting menu to offer a unique fine dining experience in the town centre.

Rawkies at The Rock has been open for almost one year and has introduced the tasting menu to bring something a bit different to Bury and offer something that other cafes and restaurants aren’t in the area.

Bury Times: A dish from the new tasting menu

Owners Adam Greenwood and Sophie Bussey are hoping to prove that they can provide much more than the sweet treats and raw cookie dough they started out doing.

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Adam said: “My background prior to this was working in fine dining restaurants, including James Martin’s restaurant in Manchester and have worked with major chefs.

“I’ve never been a professional chef, but I’ve worked in a chef environment before and have been learning and working with these guys and I thought I’ll see if I can throw something together.

Bury Times: A dish from the new tasting menu

“We don’t want to move away from cookie dough as that was what we set out to do, we just thought what’s missing in Bury and what can we try that’s a little bit different.”

They both held a trial night a few weeks ago with friends and family who tried the menu and gave feedback.

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The menu is written, and made by Adam and Sophie and will be available on Wednesdays and Fridays from 7pm to 9pm and will be available for only 12 people per evening.

Adam added: “We’re trying to make it something a little bit exclusive and something a bit different. I love it and I’ve already written the next two menus.

“This menu I’ve tried to get things that are locally based like Bury Black Pudding and Lancaster Bomber.

“In recent weeks I’ve been finding out about the French and German towns of Angouleme and Schorndorf that are twinned with Bury so I’m looking into writing a twin-town Bury menu in the future.

“I’ve written a take on a takeaway taster menu which could be a quirky one, so I’ve got some great ideas and I just want to start running with them, I’m really excited.”

As well as the standard menu, there is a vegan menu too to be as inclusive as possible and, on each menu, there will be a raw cookie dough course to keep the Rawkies in there.

Bury Times: The Rawkies cookie dough dish

Sophie said: “We’ve been open almost a year now and we’re hoping the tasting menu will be that something different and exciting that will draw in people from the surrounding areas of Bury to come here.”

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The pair said that they chose Bury as they were looking for an area with high footfall and a good location.

Adam said: “We want people to love Bury and want to come here and plan their weekend or night here. It’s for the Bury community and for them to get excited about coming here.

“I hope to get more and more creative as the menus go along.

“I think I’ll probably swap out the menu every two months but because the numbers are small and we’re trying to bring something that you’d normally get in Manchester city centre to the Bury area.

“If it’s popular enough I could probably change the menu every couple of weeks.”