A 53-year-old man was arrested in Radcliffe today, Tuesday, on suspicion of drug driving.

The man was arrested by the Radcliffe neighbourhood team on Dale Street after being stopped while he was in his vehicle by officers just before 10am.

The man tested positive for cocaine following a roadside test and arrested on suspicion of drug driving, police said. 

Meanwhile, Radcliffe officers said they also attended homeless encampments off Railway Street and Green Street to conduct a weapons sweep and several out-of-place tools and potential weapons were recovered from two sites.

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Police also patrolled a number of primary schools in Radcliffe to monitor parking. 

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police Bury North said: "Earlier today (Tuesday), we patrolled a number of Primary Schools in the Radcliffe area.

"Unfortunately, at Cams Lane Primary, we had to remind a few drivers about parking at least 10 metres away from junctions.

"A traffic offence report was issued to a vehicle close to St John's Primary for causing an unnecessary obstruction after officers observed young children and a woman with a pram have to enter the road in order to pass the poorly parked vehicle.

"However, the gold standard award goes to Radcliffe Hall Primary School, where motorists observed restrictions and parked appropriately, causing no dangers for members of the public and children alike."