A man has been arrested after being accused of riding an e-bike in an "anti-social manner" and intending to deal drugs.

On Friday, uniformed and plain-clothed officers teamed up to spot a Sur-Ron e-bike that has "plagued the town centre recently".

A search was carried out and a man was arrested on suspicion of driving offences and possession with intent to supply a controlled Class B substance.

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A Greater Manchester Police (GMP) spokesperson said: "Santa came early this year!

"On Friday, December 8, officers who were deployed on Operation Dasher were fortunate enough to have the help of plain clothes officers from GMP Transport Unit.

"Following a sighting of a Sur-Ron e-bike that's plagued the town centre recently, one was seen again being ridden both illegally and in an anti-social manner.

"The element of surprise was on our side and the plain clothes officers managed to remove the male from the bike and detain him.

"Following a search the rider was arrested for the driving offences and also possession with intent to supply a controlled substance Class B.

"We are dedicated to ensuring that our town centre is safe; we follow up on reports of anti-social behaviour, drug dealing and taking and also use of these e-bikes.

"Perhaps the rider of this bike will put another on his list for Santa!"

The arrest comes as part of GMP's Operation Dasher.

Around 100,000 extra visitors are expected to visit the town centre over the festive period and the force launched Dasher to protect shoppers.

More officers will be in the town centre to offer a more visible presence and taking a "zero tolerance approach in dealing with criminality".