The manager of a Bury café has spoken of her disgust after overspilling bins and excess rubbish were left dumped outside her premises for more than a month, causing an "eyesore".

Lesley Whitehead, manager of Golden Crust Kitchen and Diner, says bins belonging to her upstairs neighbours had not been collected for six weeks.

She said she made multiple calls to the council and took to moving the bins away from the Bridge Street café and parking her car in front of them to avoid customers having to look at them, fearing it would scare them away.

Bury Times: Golden Crust Kitchen and DinerGolden Crust Kitchen and Diner (Image: Lesley Whitehead)

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The bins belong to the café's upstairs neighbours with the business having a separate waste disposal service for commercial waste.

Lesley said the council told her someone would attend to collect the bins early last week but the collection did not happen.

But the waste was collected by council refuse workers on Wednesday, December 13 with the local authority saying the bin store could not be collected due to it being locked. 

Before the waste was collected, Lesley worried that the environmental problem would damage the business as the bins were in an "absolute state".

She said: “Our landlord who owns the café has been trying his best to get them emptied.

“The refuse collectors come up and down that street all day long as we live near the dump.

“It’s a joke, everyone pays their council tax and this includes bin collection."

Lesley added: “We’ve moved the bins to the other side of the road, animals are ripping them open, it is a mess.

“No one wants to come and sit near the window and see all that. I park my car in front of it so you can’t see it.

“I don’t understand why its taken them so long to empty them, people are complaining day after day.“

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Bury Times: Overflowing bins on Bridge Street, BuryOverflowing bins on Bridge Street, Bury (Image: Lesley Whitehead)

After the rubbish was cleared, a council spokesperson said: “Sometimes bins get missed due to vehicle breakdown, blocked access or staff sickness, and we apologise for the inconvenience caused when this happens.

“At this location, the crew returned last week to empty the bins - however, we could not access the bin store due to it being locked.

“We did, however, return on Wednesday, December 13 and emptied the bins and removed the excess waste.

"We will monitor collections to ensure they receive a regular collection in future.”