A life-saving piece of equipment has been donated to a Bury pub.

The Black Bull, on Lowercroft Road, is having a defibrillator fitted to the outside of the venue for the community to use should the need arise.

The defibrillator has been donated with the help of the charity, Restart the Heart.

Staff at the site now want to raise awareness of the equipment in case of an emergency.

Sarah Jones, founder of Restart the Heart, said: “Nikki, Steve, and Gillian from the Black Bull have been great to work with along with Cllr Jo Lancaster who has supported our charity with several generous donations.

Bury Times: Sarah Jones during a charity event

“This has helped the provision of the instillation of this defibrillator in a much-needed area”.

Nicola Mckenna, from the Black Bull, said: “We are a local pub at the heart of the community, and we have been working together with Restart the Heart charity.

“After many months, we have managed to get a defibrillator donated and it is now being fitted to the outside of our pub for the community.

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“This is such a fantastic lifesaving piece of equipment and we want our community to know where it is in case they ever need to make use of it.”

Sarah first started to raise money to buy more defibrillators in 2021 after she watched footballer Christian Eriksen suffer a cardiac arrest on the pitch (for Denmark in the Euros). 

She later went on to establish Restart the Heat and has been raising money to install life-saving equipment across the borough.

Bury Times:

The charity has also been hosting lessons in CPR and teaching life-saving techniques to increase public understanding and knowledge.

Earlier this year, a man from Holcombe Brook who collapsed whilst putting a bin out was saved by a Restart the Heart defibrillator.

At the time, Sarah told the Bury Times that when buying and installing the equipment, they hoped they would never have to be used.

She added: “We hope the most they will be needed for is to make people feel safe.

“However, if it is needed, having the equipment to hand can quite literally make the difference between life or death.”