Hairy Bikers fans have been left in tears after Dave Myers, who stars alongside Si King, made an emotional update about his cancer last night.

The TV chef appeared in the most recent episode of The Hairy Bikers as its Coming Home for Christmas special aired on BBC Two.

The show, which usually focuses on the pair's love of good food, updated fans on his cancer diagnosis and showed him going through therapy to walk once again.

During the programme, Dave explained why he had not yet revealed the type of cancer he was diagnosed with.

Dave Myers leaves fans in tears amid heartbreaking cancer update in latest Hairy Bikers episode

Speaking about his decision to keep the type of cancer he has secret, he said: "I didn't want to eat. I would fall over quite a lot.

"By the second lot of chemo my hair came out really quite radically. Your hair, eyelashes, everything just goes.

"I've never gone on about what sort of cancer I've got because I feel like that's my business. I don't want newspapers to run a lottery on how long I've got to live. That's not what I want. I felt so guilty because of the effects it's having on my wife Lil."

Later on in the BBC show, Dave Myers shared the recent road trips he has gone on with friend and co-star Si King.

He said: "My legs are going, the grin, I feel like a hysterical teenager again. I'm going to phone Kingy. It means we can get back on the road together again."

Hairy Bikers Fans watching the new episode took to popular social media platforms to express how emotional the updates made them with one writing: "Never had a tear watching someone ride a bike before! #hairybikers."

Another added: "#hairybikers making me blub 15 minutes in…"

It was previously revealed by the star that he feared that he would not make it to Christmas.

He told fans: "I don’t go on about it too much, but with most Christmas specials you have to cook for somebody, but this was kind of like the Hairy Bikers best ever Christmas. Because it was the Christmas I never thought I’d be here for."