Concerns remain at a school for children with special needs after an emergency inspection following its closure.

Craig Ormerod Associates School Provision based on Outwood Road in Radcliffe caters for children who have experienced difficulties in accessing education in their previous settings.

But it was closed after an inspection by regulator Ofsted in September, which rated the school as "inadequate" and said it had a "poorly designed" curriculum and a "lack of leadership at all levels".

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The emergency inspection was carried out at the request of the Department for Education (DfE) after being "made aware that the school had reopened, despite the Secretary of State requesting voluntary closure on September 18".

The fresh report said: "The DfE had also received complaints about the school.

"The purpose of the inspection was to advise the Secretary of State for Education about the school’s suitability for continued registration as an independent school."

After the inspection in September, the school submitted an action plan to Ofsted to propose actions to prioritise safeguarding and the welfare of pupils.

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But the action plan "did not propose any actions about how pupils would be taught about risks, nor how they would learn how to keep themselves safe".

"In addition, some of the timescales for the proposed actions were vague", the report added.

Worries over the school's leadership have been aired again too.

The report said: “At the emergency inspection, inspectors found that the school had not taken steps to ensure that all pupils received important information about potential welfare and safety risks or how to keep themselves safe.

“Leaders had not ensured that all pupils were receiving relationships and sex education or information about online safety.

“Safeguarding remains ineffective at the school.

"Inspectors found that the proprietor had not ensured that the leadership and management of the school had the capacity to meet the independent school standards consistently and securely.

"During this emergency inspection, it was evident that leaders had taken some actions to meet some of the standards.

"However, in the main, any improvements made have been due to the influence and support of external advice and guidance.

"The proprietor body lacks the knowledge and understanding to ensure that there is sufficient leadership and management capacity to meet the standards consistently."

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Concerns were also raised about the attendance register.

The report added: “During this emergency inspection, inspectors found evidence that the school had recorded attendance inaccurately.

“The school did know when pupils had been on the school site and when they had been absent.

“However, the school did not record pupils’ absences using the agreed attendance codes.

“This meant that attendance figures looked more favourable than they actually were.”

Problems with risk assessments, safe recruitment and external lighting were raised in the latest report too.

Fire safety and first aid arrangements were a cause for concern in the September inspection but standards for both of these areas were met in the emergency review.

The school remains closed and attempts have been made to contact its management about the latest report.