A boys’ school which charges parents nearly £8,000 a year per pupil has been told by inspectors it does not meet independent school standards and it "requires improvement".

Ofsted said the 129 pupils aged 11 to 16 at the Beis Hatalmud School in the Broughton area of Salford do not learn about sexual orientation, different types of stable relationships and vocabulary, such as "consent", within Government guidelines. 

“Pupils are not fully informed about groups who are protected by law, so they can understand them, show respect and recognise situations where they may be at risk of harmful relationships,” the report said.

“Leaders must ensure that the curriculum is planned and taught so that pupils are fully informed and that these curriculum plans contain all the elements required by law.”

It concluded: “The school has failed to meet the independent schools standards.

"These are the requirements of the schedule to the Education (Independent School Standards) Regulations 2014.”

However, the report said pupils "enjoy coming to the school". They said they feel happy and safe at the school.

“This is because they value the positive relationships they have with staff and each other,” it said.

“They enjoy the sense of community that the school ethos promotes.”

It said that pupils behave well and treat each other with respect. They appreciate earning rewards nad the recognition given to those who do well, the report went on.

“In lessons, pupils ask questions, enjoy debate and take responsibility for their own learning,” it continued.

“Pupils are supported to develop their confidence and self-belief. For example, they relish engaging in ethical debates and discussing the interplay between Hebrew and British values.

“However, pupils do not learn about all the protected characteristics set out in the Equality Act 2010.

"This limits pupils’ knowledge and understanding of people beyond their own community.”

The report said that arrangements for safeguarding at the school were effective.

School bosses have been told that they have not identified all the essential information that pupils must learn in some areas across the curriculum, resulting in some pupils having gaps in their knowledge, skills and understanding.

“Leaders should ensure that they finalise exactly what must be taught in each subject and in what order,” the report said.

Leaders should also ensure that assessment strategies give teachers enough information about what pupils need to revisit and practise before moving on.

The school should also support pupils who are weaker readers and help them to read fluently and accurately, the report said.

The school is an Orthodox Jewish faith school and does not make use of any alternative provision for children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). It costs £7,800 a year per child to be sent there.

The inspection took place in November and followed one two years previously.

Beis Hatalmud School has been contacted for comment.