A boss of an arcade in Bury that has been featured in a new Netflix thriller has spoken of the business' pride after starring on the show.

The eight-episode drama Fool Me Once filmed scenes in the Arcade Club in Ela Mill on Cork Street and stars Michelle Keegan, Joanna Lumley and Richard Armitage.

The story follows Maya Stern (played by Keegan) who is shell-shocked by the murder of her husband Joe (Armitage) and Detective Sergeant Sami Kierce (Adeel Akhtar) leads the investigation into his killing.

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Joe’s protective mother Judith (Lumley) becomes an ally during this dark period.

To keep an eye on her young daughter in her hour of grief, Maya secretly installs a nanny-cam in the family home and she is stunned to see recorded images of her husband, who she thought was dead.

Meanwhile, Maya’s niece and nephew Abby and Daniel embark on a separate quest for answers about their mother’s murder, several months earlier.

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Dan Butt, brand manager for the Arcade Club, said: “It was very much a case of they were looking for an arcade location, and because we’re the biggest in Europe I think they just stumbled across us because Quay Street Productions are based in Manchester.

“As we’re a real arcade with all original machines, I think it appealed to them for the authenticity factor. They didn’t have to make up props.”

The filming took place in April for three days and then they came back in early May for a second time.

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Dan added: “We’ve not had chance to see how well it’s done for the business but when we posted about it on Facebook, it’s been one of our most successful posts of last year.

“It certainly seems like it will be positive.

“In the past we’ve had people film promos here like JD.

"We’ve also hired machines out to productions before like Ready Player One, Black Mirror who did an episode using 10 of our machines and another one which is being used for another show coming out in March which we can’t talk about at the moment.”