Michelle Keegan took listeners behind the scenes of a new Netflix drama filmed in Bury.

Fool Me Once, starring the ex-Corrie favourite, released on the streaming platform earlier this week. 

The eight episode thriller follows Maya Stern, played by Keegan, who is shell-shocked by the murder of her husband Joe (Richard Armitage). 

To keep an eye on her young daughter in her hour of grief, Maya secretly installs a nanny-cam in the family home and she is stunned to see recorded images of her husband, who she thought was dead. 

Scenes for the show were filmed in the Arcade Club in Ela Mill on Cork Street. 

Following the release of the show, Michelle was interviewed by Nicki Chapman on BBC Radio 2 this morning. 

She said: "I knew about the story, I knew that they wanted to adapt this book and they said are you interested, and I literally finished the book in two days, it's such a page-turner. 

"Some of the locations that we actually filmed in during the show, like Manchester Airport, I worked at Manchester Airport, so that was really surreal. 

"And then there was another one, Joanna Lumley's house, which is called Arley Hall, I take my dogs walking there when I'm up in Manchester." 

Filming for the series took place in Bolton town centre and Bolton School

Bury Times: Michelle Keegan in Fool Me OnceMichelle Keegan in Fool Me Once (Image: Netflix)

On being asked why she thought the series was filmed in Greater Manchester rather than in the USA, where the book is set, she said: "He has got a contract with Netflix for it to be in the UK. I mean it looks gorgeous though, it looks stunning. 

"We filmed the helicopter scenes, because we were going to Delamere Forest to film. So we literally had half an hour up in the helicopter to film all the shots of me flying. 

"We had a pilot with a cameraman behind us, and then me. Halfway through flying, the pilot said 'do you want to take control'. So I actually flew the helicopter probably for about five minutes." 

On working with Joanna Lumley, Michelle said: "I love working with Joanna, she is everything you want and more, she's such an icon and I still can't believe I worked with her. 

"When the PR told me, when I did the photoshoot for it, the PR was like 'yeah, it's going to be in Times Square', I don't know whether I didn't believe them or whether it went in one ear and out the other. 

"But when I saw those pictures I literally screamed and then I cried. I wish I would have gone out to see it, because for me that was an absolutely amazing moment."