Two post-punk music legends will be coming to Bury this weekend as part of a unique music exhibition.

Gina Birch, a founding member of The Raincoats, and Helen McCookerybook, the bass player and co-singer with The Chefs, will feature in Rooms to Live II at Bury Art Museum and Sculpture Centre to premiere a unique performance, "Beefheart the Musical".

The pair, who will perform on Saturday, January 6, said that despite the title “it is not a musical”.

In a statement, they added: “It seeks to deconstruct the life story of Don Van Vliet, the renowned musician Captain Beefheart, in a series of original short pieces, inspired by fragments of his musical conversations.

“Sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, our interpretations are always challenging to listen to.”

Rooms to Live II is a part of Rooms to Live, a unique programme of events that started on November 11 and will last until February 17.

It features live performances, workshops, screenings, talks/panel discussions, and artists/musicians residencies including emerging musicians in the North West.

This weekend, Rooms to Live II will also feature artist Paula Chambers and writer David Wilkinson.

Throughout the day there will be screenings of Stories from the She-Punks: Music with a different agenda, Birch and McCookerybook’s documentary built on new accounts from the pioneering women who played in punk bands in the 1970s.

The events will start at 2pm with a performance of Artemis (live on the cut) from Paula Chambers, which is said to be a “grungy narrative account of her years living on a dilapidated boat in the 1990s, interspersed with song fragments by Bjork, PJ Harvey, The Spice Girls, Madonna”.

Following the performances there is a discussion event titled "I Play My Bass Loud: Art, Music, Class, Gender" where Paula, Gina, and Helen will talk to Manchester-based writer and music enthusiast Wilkinson about their performances for Rooms to Live II.

Rooms to Live has bee created by artists Derek Tyman and Andy Webster at Bury Art Museum and Sculpture Centre, to combine fact and fiction, references to 1960s counterculture and 1980s environmentalism, to investigate the alliances between music and art as vehicles for the imagination.