A synagogue wishes to expand by connecting through to a house next door.

Prestwich Beth Hamedresh, who currently operate from premises on Kings Road, Prestwich, have submitted plans to combine two premises.

The proposals suggest that the existing place of worship will be joined to an existing semi-detached four bedroom house alongside.

A planning statement published in support of the application said: “The proposed expansion to the neighbouring property is not for any future projection of a greater membership, but simply an extension to accommodate existing members.

"The synagogue is always well attended for all its daily services, and it is over capacity for its weekly and religious holiday services.

“The extension is essential to accommodate demand from existing members.

"[During] services during weekends and religious holidays, members are forced to stand for the entire service around the perimeter of the main prayer room, due to the limited number of seats that can be accommodated.”

If approved the ground floor of the two properties will become a single bigger main prayer room and entrance hall.

The first floor will be used as offices while the first floor of the existing synagogue will remain as it is.

The application states there are no car parking spaces in association to the proposed synagogue extension.

Addressing this, the planning report said: “Almost all attendees of the synagogue for the daily services walk or use a bike as they typically live nearby.

“A very few attendees drive, however there is very little parking available, as a result most people opt to walk for all services.”

During Sabbath services or Jewish holiday services, there are no car journeys taken.

The statement concluded that the "proposal is clearly a massive benefit to the local community and has many positive impacts".

Planners at Bury Town Hall will deliberate on the plans in the coming weeks.