Police officers reunited a child with their parents at a busy park on New Year’s Day.

Greater Manchester Police officers were called to Heaton Park at around 2pm on January 1.

Witnesses said they saw police called to the Boating Lake Café to reports of a baby being left alone.

The witnesses saw officers at the scene and that a child had been reunited with parents.

A woman who was in the park said: “We were sat outside the café facing the lake when a couple came over with two prams.

Bury Times: Heaton Park

“They went into the side door of the café and staff and security were there straight away.

“They had found a newborn baby just in the pram by the fence around the lake.

“The police were there within minutes, then more police arrived. They were about to check CCTV when a man arrived with police who said he was the baby’s dad.

“It seems that the family was very large. They arrived back at the car and noticed the baby wasn't there. One of the siblings had been pushing the baby and had left him.

“The baby was safe and well.”

Police declined to comment.