The busiest tips in Greater Manchester by number of visits has been revealed in data.

The figures were revealed in a report to the GM Waste and Recycling Committee on Wednesday.

In October last year, the last time for which data from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) is available, Raikes Lane Recycling Centre in Bolton was the busiest tip in Greater Manchester with more than 28,000 visits.

The recycling centre was followed by Arkwright Street Recycling Centre in Oldham (26,176 visits) and Chichester Street Recycling Centre in Rochdale (25,996 visits) to round off the top three.

In Bury, Cemetery Road was the highest (17887 visits), followed by Every Street (11802 visits).

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On the agenda was the impact of the introduction of an access policy for all visitors and a permit policy for all vans at the sites, which are run by SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK. There were alterations by the authorities to address the issue of vehicles over a particular size and vehicles of a particular type last year.

Paul Morgan, the GMCA's head of commercial services for waste and resources, said the changes to the rules at all 20 of its tips were a success in terms of a reduction in visits to the sites of around 20 per cent as well as a reduction in use of the sites by traders using them to rid themselves of trade waste illegally.

Mr Morgan said: "Are the policies achieving their aims? The congestion is down and trade waste absolutely appears to be down."

Mr Morgan added: "The tonnages [of certain types of waste] are down but the recycling rate is up so it is very, very good news."

Here are the figures from the GMCA:*

Raikes Lane (Bolton) - 28529 visits
Arkwright Street (Oldham) - 26176 visits
Chichester Street (Rochdale) - 25996 visits
Chester Road (Trafford) - 25383 visits
Longley Lane (Manchester) - 24337 visits
Bayley Street (Tameside) - 23992 visits
Adswood Road (Stockport) - 23588 visits
Spring Vale (Rochdale) - 21687 visits
Woodhouse Lane (Trafford) - 20408 visits
Bredbury Parkway (Stockport) - 18099 visits
Cemetery Road (Bury) - 17887 visits
Salford Road (Bolton) - 17869 visits
Lumns Lane (Salford) - 15575 visits
Ash Road (Tameside) - 14438 visits
Reliance Street (Manchester) - 14365 visits
Rose Hill (Stockport) - 13919 visits
Boysnope Wharf (Salford) - 13300 visits
Sandfold Lane (Manchester) - 13139 visits
Every Street (Bury) - 11802 visits
Cobden Street (Salford) - 8039 visits

*In October last year.

This article was written by Jack Tooth. To contact him, email or follow @JTRTooth on Twitter.