Despite the freezing temperatures today, Bury has showcased just how beautiful it can be. 

Fewer than five minutes away from a main road leading to Bury and Bolton, wild animals have been spotted making the most of the temperature drop. 

Bury Times: Frozen reservoirFrozen reservoir (Image: Harriet Heywood)

The whole of Elton Reservoir has frozen over with a dusting of snow over the top. 

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Birds have been leaving prints on the icy surface as they walked along the top of the water. 

Bury Times: Fawns spotted at Elton ReservoirFawns spotted at Elton Reservoir (Image: Harriet Heywood)

Fawns have also been seen grazing in the bushes near the reservoir, making the most of the quiet afternoon. 

One dog walker said: "It is beautiful, just breath-taking. 


Just goes to show how beautiful Bury can be 😍

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"I hardly feel like I'm in England anymore, let alone Bury. 

"I can't feel my fingers, toes, or nose but it is worth it to see the reservoir like this." 

Bury Times: Elton Reservoir

Another walker said: "I have never seen it like this before, it looks amazing. 

"I just hope no one is silly enough to test out how thick the ice is and everyone keeps to the footpath."

Temperatures around the borough dropped to -3 last night.

Bury Times: Elton Reservoir

Although they have warmed slightly throughout the day, the reservoir remains frozen. 

The reservoir has been used for leisure since the Elton Club was founded in 1858.

Bury Times: Fawns spotted at Elton Reservoir

This club was initially for 'Gentlemen and their sons' to engage in the pursuit of fishing. 

The club later became the Elton Sailing Club and since 1870, the club has carried out sailing activities.

The reservoir is also used for sailing activities by local community groups, and open water swimming, and is an important fishery managed by Bury Angling Association.

As well as all these activities - which are unlikely to be going ahead today - the reservoir is a popular route for walkers from Bury and Ainsworth to take. 

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There are plans to build 3,500 homes on the green belt land around Elton Reservoir. 

This would include £500m in community facilities, new primary schools, transport links, and a new public park at land west of the reservoir.

These plans have been hugely controversial amongst walkers and nearby residents and "Save Our Greenbelt" signs can be spotted frequently around the site. 

Peel says that the proposed Elton development will help tackle the housing crisis and the need for more homes to be cost effective.