More than 2,000 older people from all over Bury are missing out on at least £5.5m in unclaimed Pension Credit.

In total, the council estimates that every year 2362 people older than 66 are missing out on claiming for their weekly Pension Credit top ups.

The authority also estimated that the failure to claim is also costing Bury another £14m through the health and social care system and has urged people who are entitled to top ups to check.

Cabinet member for finance and communities, Cllr Richard Gold, said: “Don’t miss out.

“The rising cost of living is affecting our vulnerable residents and our older people are among those who are struggling.

Bury Times: People have been urged to check if they qualify for Pension Credit top upsPeople have been urged to check if they qualify for Pension Credit top ups (Image: PA)

“If you or you know of a family member or someone you support who is struggling, it is worth checking if you or they qualify.

“You might have thought that you can’t because you own your own home or have savings or are working it is worth checking because it guarantees that you should be getting at least £201.05 per week.

“A change in circumstances, for example, bereavement, a change in health or disability can make someone newly eligible for Pension Credit.

“So even if they’ve applied before and did not get it, it may be worth another look.”

Pension Credit top up weekly income to a guaranteed minimum level of £201.05 a week for single pensioners or £306.85 for couples.

Anyone over the state pension age of 66 may be entitled to claim Pension Credit if their weekly income is below £201.05 or, if they have a partner who lives with them, £306.85.

They can do so even if they own their own home or have savings and in some cases even if they are working.

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People receiving Pension Credits may also be eligible for other cost of living payments, such as help with heating costs and help with rent or council tax.

Cllr Gold added: “Someone may feel they are able to manage or don’t want to be seen to be making a claim, which is why it’s important you talk to any family members who may qualify.

“Receiving that benefit can make all the difference during these difficult times.”

More information, including a Pension Credits calculator, can be found by going to