An update has been given on the next steps to make the roof of Bury’s indoor market hall safe.

On October 26 last year, 49 stallholders who traded form the hall were thrown into uncertainty after the discovery of reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) in the roof.

At a meeting of Bury Council, North Manor Conservative Coun Roger Brown asked when the indoor market will reopen.

Cabinet member Coun Charlotte Morris said the Labour run council were unable to confirm any timings on reopening but gave an update on the work since October.

She said: “The council commissioned a full building survey which will evaluate the condition of the whole building from a fabric, structural, mechanical and electrical perspective. The main survey has now been completed and is in draft and concrete testing and laboratory analysis is taking place over the next few weeks.

“Once the concrete testing and analysis is completed the council will receive a full building condition report in mid-February that will highlight any defects and maintenance requirements within an itemised schedule of work. This will be accompanied by details of the approximate costs and timelines associated with a temporary option to make the roof safe, compared to the option of carrying out the long-term works required to the building.

“Once this level of detail is understood the council will be in a position to make a decision on the best approach to support traders, while minimising further disruption.”

Earlier this month, the council gave an update on the position of the 49 affected indoor hall based businesses. The authority said 27 stalls were back trading in the external units of the market hall, in premises owned by the council or on the outdoor market.

The authority said 10 are waiting for relocation into the Mill Gate centre with a spokesman saying ‘we hope all of those will be in by the end of January, as soon as the necessary repairs, checks and legalities are completed’.

Two of the traders have currently declined help and the other 10 affected stallholders have opted to find their own alternatives and return to the indoor market once it reopens.