Residents aired their frustration after bins went uncollected for over a month amid the Christmas period and recent weather disruption.

Cllr Jo Lancaster, who represents Ainsworth and Radcliffe North, said she has received multiple complaints after bins in the area have not been emptied since before Christmas.

People who live at Abbey Court in Radcliffe and others in Ainsworth and Bradley Fold did not have their blue bins emptied since before Christmas with the council only continuing to empty brown bins over the festive period.

Bury Times:

Bins have been overflowing and some people have fly-tipped next to full bins.

The council said there have been missed bin collections due to severe weather and staff illness.

Conservatives Cllr Lancaster said: “The bin collections are something which effects everyone in our borough and it is the most basic service which we expect.

“Nobody wants litter piling up at their homes or businesses as it’s unsightly, caused more fly-tipping and can attract vermin.

“This year it is likely Labour will increase council tax again and residents across the borough are going to be paying even more and receiving less of a service.

“Bury Conservatives will be calling for two weekly grey bin collections to return as the system in place is clearly not working.

"We also plan to reintroduce the caddy liners.

“We believe if the council expect residents to recycle, they should be given the appropriate equipment to do so.”

Bury Times:

Last week, a resident who lives in flats complained that their communal bins had not been collected for six weeks and the overflowing rubbish had led to rats.

In that instance, the council said they refuse to collect any bins that are overflowing.

On Wednesday, a council spokesperson said: "Last week the snow and ice caused disruption to the service as we were unable to access some streets and the back streets.

"The waste and recycling team are currently recovering this work which should be completed by the end of today (Wednesday)."