A crowd of fans flocked to a supermarket at Trafford Retail Park for an appearance by the rapper Aitch.

The superstar, whose real name is Harrison Armstrong, launched a range of flavoured fizzy waters.

The flavoured fizzy waters, SYPS, are to be sold across the UK at the store Iceland and its sister store The Food Warehouse from this weekend.

On Saturday a crowd of fans flocked to the supermarket at Trafford Retail Park for an appearance by the 24-year-old from Moston, Manchester.

Bury Times: Aitch's appearance at Trafford Retail Park

There were a number of security staff to control a queue of them out into the car park of the retail park which one onlooker said was "hammered".

Armstrong said: “I started SYPS because I needed to drink more water but I was addicted to fizzy drinks. Water wasn’t hitting the spot in the same way.

"So I thought why not make the best fizzy flavoured water in the world and here it is: zero sugar, zero calories, maximum flavour and loads of fizz. I am excited to be sharing this with everyone and hope it helps us all to stay hydrated.”

Andrew Staniland, Group Buying Director at Iceland and The Food Warehouse, said: “We are excited SYPS is now available in our stores.

"We cannot wait for our customers and fans of Aitch to get their hands on this hydrating, zero sugar, zero calorie drink for the first time.”

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