The best childcare providers in Bury have been revealed following the release of government data. 

Education watchdog, Ofsted, carries out routine inspections for nurseries and pre-schools across the country, following a strict grading system.

This ranges from grade one, outstanding, being the best to grade four, inadequate, being the worst.

Below is a list of childcare providers that have been awarded by Ofsted with the highest overall rating of Outstanding.

Inspection dates range from 2018 to 2023.

Little Holcombe Nursery - 'Outstanding' 

Last inspection date - March 15, 2022

What inspectors said: "Staff know children exceptionally well and have fantastically high expectations of what children can achieve.

"They effortlessly ignite children's passion and thirst for learning.

"Children are without doubt the heart of everything that the dedicated staff team do.

“This outstanding practice was highly successful in ensuring that children quickly settled back into nursery life and the momentum in their learning was not lost."

Bury Times:

Kids Planet - Prestwich - 'Outstanding' 

Last inspection date - October 21, 2021

What inspectors said: "Children make exceptional progress and flourish in the language-rich environment created by highly professional early years practitioners.

"They know the children exceptionally well. Staff follow children's individual interest and requirements and know what they need to help children achieve next."

Bury Times:

Mulberry Bush Nursery Tottington - 'Outstanding' 

last inspection date - August 10, 2022 

What inspectors said:  “Children form remarkably strong attachments with the professional staff at this inclusive nursery.

“Children behave exceptionally well.

"They use impeccable manners and can be heard saying 'please' and 'excuse me' frequently throughout the day.

“Children show high levels of respect for each other and the resources that are provided.”

Bury Times:

Tiddlywinks Day Nursery, Bury - 'Outstanding' 

Last inspection date - February, 1 2023

What inspectors said: "Children develop an impressive depth of knowledge, including about science.

"This is because staff believe that children deserve the very best curriculum.

“Leaders use their detailed knowledge of the nursery's strengths and priorities to provide staff with extensive support and exceptional training.

"Staff very competently improve the curriculum and their work with children."

Bury Times:

Mulberry Bush Nursery Walmersley - 'Outstanding' 

Last inspection date - July 21, 2022

What inspectors said: "All children, from babies up to pre-school, are extremely happy, settled and engaged in learning.

“This leads to a calm, safe and relaxed atmosphere. Each member of the high-quality staff team is very well deployed in all rooms.

“This means they are quickly on hand to provide every child with the bespoke care and support they need.”

Bury Times:

Mulberry Bush Dumers Lane - 'Outstanding'

Last inspection date - January, 31 2020

What inspectors said: "Children are thriving. They are provided with exceptional high levels of support to help them to build strong foundations for future learning.

"This includes children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).

"Children are highly motivated, confident and self-assured. They are eager to participate in superb experiences, including those that they may not otherwise have access to at home."

Bury Times:

Fairfields Private Day Nursery, Bury - 'Outstanding' 

Last inspection date - July, 9 2018 

What inspectors said: " Managers and leaders are truly inspirational. Their enthusiastic, motivated and committed approach is adopted by the admirable staff and helps to give children a supreme start in life.

"Children are highly motivated and successful learners."

Windacre Pre-School, Bury - 'Outstanding' 

Last inspection date - May 18, 2018 

What inspectors said: "The quality of teaching is inspirational. Staff offer a wealth of enriching learning opportunities throughout the day.

"Children make excellent progress in their learning and development and are superbly prepared for the next stage in their learning."

Bury Times:

Mulberry Bush Nursery Walshaw - 'Outstanding' 

Last inspection date - June 19, 2019

What inspectors said: "The senior leadership team is extremely dynamic. They continually strive to provide the highest-quality childcare.

"Staff actively contribute to further improvement and decision making. They constantly evaluate the service they provide so that it meets the needs of children."

Bury Times:

Parents can keep up-to-date with inspection reports from schools, pre-schools and nurseries across the borough on the Ofsted website.