Police have been clamping down on speeding after "numerous" complaints from residents.

A Greater Manchester Police speed enforcement operation took place in Whitefield on Tuesday with officers clocking drivers in a number of places.

More than 25 motorists have been recorded following the checks.

Officers went to Sunnybank Road, Kennedy Drive, at the junction of Calder Crescent, Hollins Lane, at the junction of Church Meadow and Sandgate Road, at the junction of St Joseph’s Avenue

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Police carried out checks on Manchester Road near Whitefield Fire Station, as well as at the junction of Sawley Avenue.

They also went to Radcliffe New Road at the junction of South Avenue.

The highest speed recorded was 45mph in a 30mph zone on Manchester Road.

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A Bury police spokesperson said: "The Whitefield neighbourhood policing team conducted a speed enforcement operation following numerous complaints from Whitefield residents.

"The highest speed recorded today was 45mph in a sign-posted 30 mph zone (A56 Manchester Road).

“Despite there being numerous signs on Kennedy Drive posting the 20mph speed limit, the highest speed recorded in this area was 35mph.

“Over 25 motorists will be receiving correspondence from us in the next few days.”