A renowned art rock band will take to the stage at to mark the end of an exhibition in Bury.

Rooms to Live, the first UK exhibition by collaborative artists Derek Tyman and Andy Webster, closes at Bury Art Museum on Saturday, February 17 following a performance by a.P.A.t.T. 

The display consisted of two interrelated sculptural installations, Trout House Replica and So the Red Rose.

Trout House Replica recreated the interior of the Los Angeles house where Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band wrote and rehearsed their seminal 1969 album “Trout Mask Replica”.

So the Red Rose featured a large, boat-like structure reinventing Vanda Chan's fictitious marooned houseboat "Arcadia", as well as archival material relating to Captain Beefheart's first exhibition of paintings at Liverpool's Bluecoat in 1972.

Combining fact and fiction, while referencing 1960s counterculture and 1980s environmentalism, Rooms to Live "investigated the alliances between music and art as vehicles for the imagination" for more than 14 weeks.

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Next Saturday, Liverpool-based a.P.A.t.T., known for their "genre-defying music releases and multimedia work", will be onstage at 2pm, followed by a DJ set by Bryan Biggs.

a.P.A.t.T. began with the completion of a C90 cassette in 1998 and they have now released 10 albums plus numerous singles, music videos and short films.

They have undertaken several major European tours and their work has been critically acclaimed.

Bryan Biggs will mix tracks from the record collection of the Magic Band when they lived in Trout House, together with post-punk, jazz and contemporary rock, psyche and experimental music from the 1968/69 period.

For more details about the exhibition and related events programme, see the Instagram account @_rooms_to_live.