Bury North MP James Daly and TV star Paddy McGuiness clashed on last night’s Question Time in a debate surrounding NHS funding.

Fiona Bruce hosted the show in Nottingham and was joined by panellists which included Mr Daly, a newly appointed deputy chairman of the Conservatives and McGuinness.

Wes Streeting, Labour’s shadow health secretary, deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats Daisy Cooper, and writer and broadcaster Inaya Folarin Iman completed the panel.

A member of the audience asked which party they can now trust due to pledges being dropped by both parties regarding the Conservatives dropping HS2 and Labour dropping their £28bn green pledge.

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Mr Streeting defended Labour's plan to drop their green pledge due to the fact that since they made the £28bn announcement in 2021, the economy has changed for the worse and the cost of borrowing has risen massively.

He added that they have had to take a long hard look at the challenges facing the country and if they cannot deliver it and the country can’t afford it, then it will not be in the manifesto.

But Mr Daly said on 311 occasions that Labour politicians said they are going to go ahead with the green pledge, and on more than 60 occasions Sir Keir has U-turned.

He added: “I can understand putting a manifesto to a country where you actually believe in something, but just putting something out there and then U-turning because it doesn’t seem popular isn’t what a government is about.

“What is obvious is there is no plan from the Labour Party, they will say anything to get your vote.”

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Bruce then invited McGuinness to speak about the issue.

Addressing Mr Daly, he said: “James, you saying to Wes that Keir Starmer is saying anything to get a vote is a bit rich coming from a Tory.

“We’re still waiting on the £350m a week Boris Johnson promised us for the NHS.”

Mr Daly replied to say that the "money is here" to which Paddy replied with “where”?

McGuinness said: “Why is the NHS on its knees if it’s here?

“Why are they going on strike if it’s here?”

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Mr Daly replied: “The NHS in respect of areas where we are, are delivering excellent care to local people in the town Bury, the next town to you.

“We’re delivering more elective procedures; we’ve got more doctors and nurses.”

Bruce then interjected by saying there’s a record waiting list for cancer in England.

Mr Daly replied: “Obviously, the situation with the pandemic has aggravated that and the doctors’ strikes don’t help the situation.”

McGuinness also praised Sir Keir for announcing that the green pledge is not going ahead before potentially being elected.

The next UK general election will be held no later than January 28, 2025.