A Ramsbottom woman who is recovering from cancer says she is unable to live at her housing association home due to damage caused to a ceiling at the property.

Karen Booth, 63, rents with Onward Homes, and says a damaged ceiling means she has been forced to move out and live with her daughter.

Karen, who has recently undergone radiotherapy and is recovering from cancer, said a burst pipe in the roof above her bathroom has made it too dangerous to use, and that Onward has not carried out necessary repairs, even while she continues to pay her rent.

The pipe has burst twice since she moved in to her flat on St Andrew’s Close in August 2022, first in December 2022 and again in December last year.

Bury Times: The damaged ceiling in Karen Booth's bathroomThe damaged ceiling in Karen Booth's bathroom (Image: Karen Booth)

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Karen said: “I can’t live there because it's dangerous as I don’t know what’s above me that might fall on me, so I can’t use the bathroom.

“Through all of this I’ve been having radiotherapy and I’m recovering from cancer.

“It’s not about money, it’s the principle that they leave people to live like this while still taking your rent.”

Karen says the pipes need better insulation to stop them from bursting in the winter.

Bury Times: A burst pipe has caused extensive damage to the ceiling of her bathroomA burst pipe has caused extensive damage to the ceiling of her bathroom (Image: Karen Booth)

She added: “They have sent workmen out and don’t let you know when they’re coming, so I have to rely on a neighbour being in to let them in.

“I’ve been with many housing associations but had nothing like this before.”

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Bury Times: Karen has had to move out of her home due to the unsafe bathroom ceilingKaren has had to move out of her home due to the unsafe bathroom ceiling (Image: Karen Booth)

In response, an Onward spokesperson said: “We appreciate that this has been a distressing situation for Ms Booth and are working to put things right.

"When Ms Booth reported issues heating her home, we instructed independent surveyors who found that extra insulation was needed in the loft.

"We have completed these works.

“Since Ms Booth reported the leak in her bathroom, we have been in contact with her to find a date that is convenient for us to complete the repairs.

"We are visiting the property next Tuesday (February 20) to carry out the works and get Ms Booth back in her home as soon as possible.

"During the visit, we will also check if Ms Booth needs any extra support from us.”