The government has given the go-ahead for a major masterplan which is set to lead to tens of thousands of homes being built in Greater Manchester - including in Bury.

Government planning inspectors have officially signed off on a plan for Places for Everyone (PfE), which will see thousands of new homes built in the borough, including Elton Reservoir and Walshaw.

The planning inspectorate, which was published on Wednesday, February 14, has found the plan for 175,000 new homes and sustainable growth is sound and legally compliance with recommended modifications.

Plans will now be submitted for approval by nine local authorities in Greater Manchester, with Stockport not part of the proposals.

PfE will determine the kind of development that takes place in their boroughs, maximising the use of brownfield land and urban spaces while protecting green belt land from the risk of unplanned development.

It will also ensure all new developments are sustainably integrated into Greater Manchester’s transport network or supported by new infrastructure.

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The publication of the report marks the end of the examination process, which included public hearings and consultations between November 2022 and December last year.

PfE has attracted some controversy across the borough due to the inclusion of greenbelt sites.

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This includes Walshaw, which has previously been earmarked for 1,250 homes under the plans.

Bury Times: A 158-acre site in Walshaw has been earmarked for housingA 158-acre site in Walshaw has been earmarked for housing (Image: Public)

A campaign to take Walshaw out of the proposals was rejected last October after the planning inspectorate concluded that PfE target could not be met without it.

Housing sites in Simister/Bowlee, around Elton Reservoir and Seedfield also remain in the plan.

In its report, the planning inspectorate said: “We conclude that all legal requirements have been met and that with the recommended main modifications set out in the appendix, the Places for Everyone Joint Development Plan Document for Bolton, Bury, Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, Salford, Tameside, Trafford and Wigan, satisfies the requirements referred to in section 20(5)(a) of the 2004 Act and is sound.”