A man was found with cocaine, cannabis and ketamine at a “known drug dealing spot” at a Bury park.

Brandon Paul was found in a car with his then girlfriend at Burrs Country Park on the night of November 18, 2022, Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court was told.

Prosecuting, Lisa Boocock, said officers searched the vehicle and cannabis was found in the woman's bag and the driver’s door.

Separate amounts of cocaine were discovered along with a quantity of ketamine, £76 in cash and a burner phone which revealed messages that had been sent to “multiple customers”.

Ms Boocock, who reported £520 worth of drugs were found, said he had been dealing cocaine "for about six months for financial gain".

She added that he “must have been aware” of the scale of the criminal operation that he was involved in.

The woman was also arrested during the incident but it was later accepted that the drugs belonged to Paul and she was not sentenced in relation to the case.

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Bury Times: Manchester Minshull Street Crown CourtManchester Minshull Street Crown Court (Image: Public)

Paul, 25 of Alder Avenue, Bury, pleaded guilty to being in possession of cocaine with the intent to supply as well as possession of cannabis and ketamine.

He had no previous convictions but was given a caution in 2020 for possession of cocaine.

Defending, Sophie Kennedy said Paul, who was sofa surfing at the time of the crime, “fell on hard times after Covid” but he “knows his actions were stupid and there will be serious consequences for him”.

She also argued that he did not have a significant role in the crime operation.

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Ms Kennedy said it was not his car that he was caught in and he was “on the streets conducting transactions”.

She said that he is remorseful and he now has a strong network of people around him after having a difficult background, and is set to start a painting and decorating job and continue his role as a basketball assistant coach in Bury.

Judge Jonathan Seely pointed out that Paul's mother, who died when he was child, suffered with drug addiction, and reminded him that he knew the “misery” that drugs caused.

He told him most people would have got a job but he “wanted to make easy money”.

“It is not very impressive, that’s why you deserve to go to prison”, Judge Seely added.

But after considering Paul's mitigating factors, Judge Seely sentenced him to two years suspended for two years and ordered to complete 15 rehabilitation activity requirement days.

A Proceeds of Crime Act hearing, which decides whether any ill-gotten gains are paid back, has also been set for May.