A popular YouTuber with 2.5m followers has documented his ‘amazing’ visit to Bury Market.

Video creator, Tom Cassell, who documents his everyday life through popular blogs on YouTube, paid a visit to the famous market – and was suitably impressed with its offerings.

Tom, known as Syndicate, called the iconic destination a ‘proper, proper’ market as he toured its indoor produce stalls and cafés, including the greengrocers and butcher's shops.

The Manchester-born vlogger was particularly impressed with Hong Kong market and café Moliuliu’s store where he ordered their sweet potato croquette.

He also visited Danger Close Coffee to sample some of their homemade, home-roasted beverages which ‘almost blew his eyebrows off.’

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“This is a proper market,” he said. “I’ve only been here for three minutes and I love it!”

“This place is just an absolute maze but it is amazing, I’m just loving strolling through it, what a wonderful afternoon.”

Next, Tom visited the fish and meat market, which he described as ‘mint’. “I love it, I love it, I love it,” he said.

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Tom, who uploads videos to his YouTube channel, Life of Tom, has 2.58 million followers and has produced more than two thousand videos.

He made his name streaming video game play-throughs on YouTube, which remain a popular genre of content creation on the platform.

Tom also has his own fashion line, Syndicate Original, which sells hoodies, jogging bottoms, t-shirts and hats.

In 2017, he was awarded Forbes’ Top Influencer: Gaming Award and has been entered into the book of Guinness World Records four times, including for being the first person to reach one million followers on live-streaming website Twitch.