Community leaders have called for the operator of a landfill site to "urgently recompense" residents after widespread complaints of the odour coming from it.

Bury South MP Christian Wakeford senior borough councillors have called on Valencia Management Team, which manages the Pilsworth South Quarry site, to compensate locals affected by the stench for months.

The group, supported by Unsworth councillors Joan Grimshaw, Tahir Rafiq and Nathan Boroda, say that as "residents have had to endure months of the vile stench from your site, it is high time that as a first step to rebuilding trust with the community you do something to recompense the local area".

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Campaigners have been raising the problem for months, with Mr Wakeford raising the topic in the House of Commons, resident Jodie Hook inviting Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham to the site and councillors writing to the Environment Agency (EA) to demand action.

Ms Hook said: “Over the last few months many Unsworth residents have told me how concerned they are about the awful stenches coming from the site.

“I have been proactive on tackling this, writing to the EA to demand action and inviting Mayor Andy Burnham along to add pressure to calls for action.

“But more needs to be done. I'm asking Valencia to recompense the local community groups as a bare minimum for rebuilding trust.

“Valencia operates the Valencia Communities Fund. Unsworth should benefit from this with local groups and charities being given the chance to bid for funding."

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Mr Burnham said he was taken aback by his visit to the site on March 2 and called an urgent meeting with the EA, which is due to take place on Wednesday.

Cllr Quinn said: “In Prestwich, we have the Parklife weekend where over 150,000 people attend these concerts in an urban area.

“In 2016, I asked them to set up the Parklife Community Fund and so far over £165,000 has been given to local groups. Valencia should do the same.”

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Mr Wakeford said: “Over the last number of months I’ve met with the EA’s local representatives alongside councillors from Bury and Rochdale and I’ve raised Pilsworth in the House of Commons and asked the Environment Secretary what more can be done to ensure the EA holds those who breach their licence to account and provide enforcement in areas where operators breach their permits.

“I’m grateful to local leaders and Andy Burnham for their support on this important issue in Bury South.”

Valencia has been approached for a comment about the call for compensation.

Last week the operator said it had put a capping material "over the exposed areas of waste" to help reduce the smell.

Valencia says its "improved gas collection system" has captured more landfill gas and reduced odour from the site so far.

But it is "not happy with the speed the odour is being eliminated" so a temporary capping material has been put over "all of the exposed areas of waste".

A spokesperson added: "Again, Valencia apologises for any inconvenience caused during these works, we are taking this extremely seriously and are working hard to resolve the issues.

"If you have any questions, please raise the me contact us on the dedicated email address or phone line- email:, phone: 0800 066 8941.

"Our telephone line is not monitored 24/7. If your call is unanswered, please leave a message so that we can ensure your feedback is recorded."

The EA has been investigating the matter.