The former Bury North MP has called on the area's current member of Parliament to hand back donations from a telecoms firm ahead of a Westminster debate.

Labour's James Frith, who will be standing at the next general election to reclaim the seat he lost in 2019, has asked serving Conservatives' MP James Daly to give back money donated to him by IX Wireless or pass the funds to charity.

He has also called for the MP to attend a parliamentary debate on Wednesday afternoon, which will discuss the impact of 5G mast installations in Greater Manchester.

IX has been behind applications for a number of 5G masts in the borough recently.

Records on the parliamentary Register of Members’ Financial Interests show that My Daly has received a total sum of £8,500 in donations from Blackburn-based IX, which includes £5,000 declared in December 2022 as well as additional amounts of £2,500 and £1,000, which were declared in July 2021.

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In a letter addressed to the MP, Mr Frith said: “You will know, this is a very important matter to people across Bury, Radcliffe North and Ainsworth, Ramsbottom and Tottington.

“One supplier of these masts, IX Wireless, has erected them across our towns causing much anxiety and anger. And done so without supposed prior approval.

“So many fellow residents have expressed to me their concerns about them being installed in inappropriate locations and without any local consultation.”

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In November 2022, IX was fined after carrying out unauthorised work on Rollesby Close in Brandlesholme.

But previously a company spokesperson has said: “We are rolling out gigabit-capable broadband services to provide communities across the North West with more choice and cheaper broadband.  

“As such, we acknowledge that there will be some minor disruption from installing new infrastructure and we aim to keep the disruption to a minimum. 

“The company is keen to work with local residents and representatives to hear their views and welcome any input which can help to improve our service."

In the letter, Mr Frith added: “It is possible you’ve since thought that taking this money was an error of judgement, and so in attending Wednesday's debate to represent the thousands of concerned of residents who object to these masts going up, you might also announce when you’ll be handing the money back to the private company that paid it to you.

“Better still, you might donate it to a local charity in Bury.”

Mr Daly has been contacted for a comment about the letter.