A decision is due on an application for an "eco-dwelling" on the border between Bury and Bolton.

The applicant, Gary Dent, applied for planning permission for a site on Ringley Old Brow last year.

Bury Times: An illustration of the "eco-dwelling"

The application for an "eco-dwelling" with energy-efficient features such as a green roof is a resubmission of one refused by Bolton Council last year on the basis of its impact on the green belt and its impact on a public right of way.

After alterations such as the removal of a garage it is up for consideration by the planning committee at the request of Tracey Wilkinson, a councillor for the ward, to allow residents a say when it meets at the town hall this week.

The application said: "Should this application be refused then it is with a heavy heart we will seek to appeal the decision.

"With issues of judgement at the heart of decision-making we would be seeking a hearing or an inquiry to guide the Planning Inspector in their consideration of the relevant matters, merits and benefits of the proposed development."

Bury Times: An illustration of the "eco-dwelling"

The report for consideration by the planning committee recommends refusal on the basis of the impact on the green belt. The impact on the public right of way is addressed and this is no longer an issue according to the report.

It said the design of the dwelling, although not harmful to the appearance or character of the area, is not "exceptional" or "innovative" enough to allow the development of the green belt next to the villages of Ringley and Stoneclough.

It said: "Whilst there are shortcomings in the design of the dwelling, it is not considered that the design of the dwelling would be so harmful to the appearance and character of the area (mainly low-rise buildings surrounded by open plots of land), to form a reason for refusal.

"It can, however, not be agreed with the applicant that the building would be exceptional or innovative in design terms."

Bury Times: An illustration of the "eco-dwelling"

Bolton's planning committee meets at the town hall on Thursday.

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