Protesters made their feelings known outside a restaurant on Wednesday night for the visit of a controversial celebrity.

Activists took action at Karen’s Diner in Prestwich as Katie Hopkins was inside the venue as part of her Silly Cow live tour, in which she discusses the current state of politics and other global issues.

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The 49-year-old, who shot to fame in reality TV show The Apprentice in 2007, has forged a controversial reputation as a columnist and media personality.

Her outspoken views on UK politics, social class, migrants and race have landed her in hot water in the past.

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A number of residents and activists protested outside the Bury New Road restaurant with placards due to Hopkins’ visit calling on people to stand up to racism.

Greater Manchester Police attended but no police action was required.

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A spokesperson for Karen’s Diner said: “We do accept that Katie Hopkins is an acquired taste that not everyone has acquired.

“Rather than protesting and wasting valuable police time, a call to us would have informed them that Katie was about to be in for the sort of roasting that only world’s rudest diner could dish out, no restaurant pun intended.

“To be blunt for once she got more than a taste of her own medicine.

“This was probably a 'once in a lifetime experience”, that is for her rather than us'.