An arcade venue in Bury is featuring in another Hollywood film, which is currently being shown in cinemas across the world.

Those who have seen the new Ghostbusters film, which was released last week, may have spotted that it includes scenes filmed at Arcade Club on Ela Mill, Cork Street.

Authentic 80s arcade cabinets and pieces from the venue appear in supernatural comedy Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, which reportedly collected $45.2m at the box office in its opening weekend in North America.

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The venue has supplied arcade cabinets for Steven Spielberg's "Ready Player One", another blockbuster with 80s influences.

And earlier this year, Arcade Club's unique setting was chosen as a major filming location for Netflix's number one show, "Fool Me Once", starring Michelle Keegan.

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Brand manager Daniel Butt said: "We are beyond excited to see our collection of vintage arcade cabinets make their way from our gaming floors to the silver screen.

"Working with the teams behind Ghostbusters and Ready Player One, as well as being a part of Netflix's hit show Fool Me Once, has been an incredible experience.

“It's a testament to the timeless appeal of these games and the hard work of our team to preserve them."

Arcade Club believes its journey from a "local hangout spot" to appearing in Hollywood films shows the appeal of retro gaming is still strong.

The arcade continues to welcome gamers of all ages, offering a slice of nostalgia and modern gaming.