A loveable cat has put smiles on hospital patients' faces again in time for Easter - although the charitable event it takes part in was close to being cancelled this year.

Spritzer, who lives on the grounds of Fairfield General Hospital, has helped to deliver Easter eggs to patients at the site for the last seven years with owner Helena Abrahams.

The cat has become as much a celebrity in the site's halls as he is on social media.

But the charitable drop-off was close to being called off this year.

Helena, 53, said: "We have been so busy campaigning for everything else that we almost didn’t do it this year."

Bury Times: Helena and SpritzerHelena and Spritzer (Image: Supplied)

But at the last minute, Abrahams had a change of heart as she wanted to see patients' eyes light up again at the sight of Spritzer.

She said: "I couldn't rest knowing for the first time in seven years the patients at the mental health unit at Fairfield would not have an Easter egg." 

Helena put out a plea on Facebook and the donations came in thick and fast.

She said: "In just 24 hours, we received enough for three eggs each in the mental health unit."

Helena founded Gizmo's Legacy in memory of her cat who died in 2016 after being hit by a car.

She wants a law to be introduced which would ensure cats and dogs fitted with microchips are scanned before they are put to sleep. The law would help reunite pets with their owners.

Helena has been busy working on passing the law with Bury North MP James Daly and did not feel she could ask the public for more support.

Meanwhile, Helena's other cat Thumper needed surgery to remove his leg which she fundraised online for his medical bills.