A driver has been arrested on suspicion of drug driving after being ordered to have a roadtest test

Police special officers, who volunteer their time for the force, were on patrol in the early hours of today, Tuesday, when they saw a vehicle on Bury New Road in Prestwich with no lights and the driver reportedly carrying out an "illegal manoeuvre".

The driver was ordered to have a drug test and police say cocaine was found in their system and was arrested.

Officers also found around two grams of cocaine.

A spokesperson for Bury South Greater Manchester Police said: “After a nine hour duty, our Bury Special constables observed a vehicle travelling along Bury New Road, Prestwich, with no lights on, committing an illegal manoeuvre contra traffic - the vehicle was caused to stop with a roadside drug test carried out.

“Driver arrested for drug driving (cocaine) and further arrested for possession of approx. Two grams of cocaine.”

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