Youngsters and staff at a Radcliffe nursery have shown their kindness in aid of a "lovely" four-year-old who has a rare form of cancer.

Noah Williams, who is autistic and non-verbal, was diagnosed with stage four rhabdomyosarcoma after his parents discovered a lump on his groin in September last year.

His former nursery Educare for Early Years in Radcliffe set up a charity week where the staff and toddlers took part in fun-filled activities to raise money for Noah and his family.

Manager Jessica Whittle said: ‘Noah is a lovely boy and a joy to be around.

"He had a great relationship with the other kids and teachers.

"This was just a way to give back."

Jessica said the kids were "happy to take part in" activities like eight-hour treadmill walks, head shaving and sponsored dances to raise money for the cause.

Each age group was involved in the charity week.

The foundation and pre-school children took part in a welly walk, while the toddlers decorated cupcakes and took part in a sponsored game of bowling.

The nursery has presented Noah and his parents, Alex and Mike Williams, with an impressive total of £3,539.

Alex added: "We are overwhelmed as a family.

"Noah still has two more cycles of chemotherapy, so we are going to use it for trips around the UK and, because Noah is autistic, we want to make our garden into a sensory garden for him to play in just to make his life nicer."