A Bury town centre record shop and cafe is expecting a busy weekend as it celebrates one of the music industry's favourite dates.

Record Store Day falls on Saturday, which supports independent record shops such as Wax and Beans on Market Street.

It is also a day in which more than 500 "exclusive and limited titles" are available on a first come first served basis.

This year the UK's ambassador is hugely successful singer-songwriter Kate Bush, famous for albums such as The Kick Inside and Hounds of Love.

The exclusive release of the 65-year-old star to go alongside her ambassador role is a picture disc/white 10" EP called Eat The Music.

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Ben Soothill, who co-owns Wax and Beans, added: "We expect our queue to start sometime on Friday afternoon, as record collectors head to Wax and Beans in an attempt to add some incredible vinyl to their collection.

"We start serving at 8am on Saturday morning on a first come first served basis, with all remaining stock going online at 8pm on Monday, April 22."

Last year music fans from Bury and beyond braved the rain to queue round the block outside the shop to make sure they did not miss out on the exclusive titles that bands and artists had released

Ben said that the store sold around 3,000 records on the Saturday with the most in demand artists being Taylor Swift, and last year's Record Store Day ambassadors, The 1975.