Tenants at new shared flat above a former pub will need to agree not to own a car before moving in.

Planning permission has been granted this week by the council to convert the upper floor of Cheers Bar on Middleton Road, Prestwich, into a four-bed house of multiple occupation (HMO) with the ground floor former bar area to be used as a podiatry clinic.

Documents in support of the plans from applicant DR Rizwan include details of an unusual, "strict", clause for prospective tenants of the HMO disallowing motorists from living there.

Cheers Bar in Prestwich

Cheers Bar in Prestwich

A design and access statement said: “The proposal seeks to create four bedroom HMO which will have a strict tenancy agreement that they are not able to have a car.

“It is also worth noting that typically HMOs tend to attract tenants who do not own a car. “Especially as it is close to many public forms of transport.”

The application said that Cheers Bar "had been struggling since Covid lockdowns and with a decrease in numbers, it was hard for them to keep the property open".

In November 2020, the owners advertised the property for anyone looking to lease the pub, but unable to find anyone, they put it up for sale the following year.

The report said: ” For this reason, a decision was made to permanently close the pub and to sell as it was clear that due to the pub not making sufficient profits for it to be sustainable.

“The application proposes the conversion of the vacant pub into a podiatry clinic.”

Plans have been submitted

Plans have been submitted

The statement said the clinic would have opening times of 8am to 5pm with an appointment based system and that would not lead to an increased demand for parking as opposed to the existing public house.

Referring to the HMO element of the plans, the statement, said: “The proposal will provide much needed housing and help protect the security of the building and local area.

“The price point and high standards will ensure decent and respectful tenants.”