A musical duo will be performing at Bury Parish Church on Friday.

Dunelm Duo, made up of flautist Lynne Williams and pianist Rob Rainford, have been friends since studying music at Durham University.

And they have been making music together since.

They will be showcasing their talent at the town centre church in a lunchtime concert at 12.30pm.

Rob is a much sought after accompanist, orchestral bass player and wind teacher/performer.

Lynne specialises in wind instruments and can be found playing a variety of instruments in orchestras, big bands, musicals and concerts throughout the North West.

Preston Flute Group takes up a lot of their time, and they are both members of the National Flute Orchestra.

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Rob is a very accomplished music arranger, and together they run a successful publishing company, selling their music around the world.

A number of Rob’s arrangements and Lynne’s compositions can be found on the ABRSM woodwind examination syllabus.

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The last year has bought a number of changes- Lynne has brought her teaching career to a close and opened up a woodwind repair workshop, and Rob has been taken on as an ABRSM examiner.

They have also travelled widely with their publishing trade stand, visiting numerous woodwind events and courses, including the International Double Reed Society convention in Spain and Clarinetfest in Belgium in 2018.

Tickets will be £5 on the door and refreshments will be served from 11.30am.