The replacement for a role in a follow up reality TV dating show of a series that Bury-born star Layton Williams played has been announced.

The 29-year-old was the voiceover artist for last summer's hit show "I Kissed a Boy".

But the Strictly Come Dancing finalist will not be carrying out the role in upcoming show "I Kissed a Girl", a dating series for queer and lesbian women.

Layton previously announced he would step back as narrator for "I Kissed a Girl", for a queer woman to take the spot.

Liverpudlian LGBTQ+ presenter Charley Marlowe, also known as a TikTok comedian, will be taking on the role instead, and will join Dannii Minogue in Italy in May as 10 singletons are matched up.

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Describing the show, Charley said: “It’s the queerest show ever.

"I’m such a lucky little lesbian and am so grateful to have this opportunity. It’s also unreal to have my loud northern voice blaring throughout the series."

Fans can expect to see young queer women exploring their sexuality in a safe environment with plenty of drama along the way.

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Charley added: “It makes me so, so proud that I’ve had a part to play in the whole thing. I didn’t have any shows that catered to me when I was a little lezza.

"I adore the fact that the show is made by so many queer people who are so passionate about intentional queer representation – even the fact that I’ve voiced the show just shows they are bothered and they care!

“That’s exactly what a show as important as I Kissed a Girl deserves."

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The first two episodes of "I Kissed a Girl" will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer on Sunday, May 5.

Episodes will air on BBC Three every Sunday and Monday night at 9pm.