A borough GP surgery is inviting residents to a series of sessions to help them understand their mental health.

The My Mind and Me scheme will see a programme of sessions aimed at helping people to manage their mental health, focusing on a number of topics such as wellbeing, mindfulness and coping with difficult times.

The sessions, held at the Uplands Medical Practice on Bury New Road in Whitefield, are open to anyone who would like to improve their mental wellbeing as well as those patients waiting for formal mental health treatment or therapy.

Mental health practitioner, Fiona Bailey, who led on developing the scheme, says she hopes the sessions will normalise people asking for help, and provide an accessible space for them to do so.

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Fiona, who has been in serving in her position for two years, said: “There was a need for more understanding and more normalisation of accessing help.

“People and patients were saying that sometimes, you’re maybe waiting for therapy, and it feels like you’re in a space of nothingness, so having something to tide you over during that time would be really beneficial.”

The programme was developed by Fiona along with other mental health practitioners and assistant psychological practitioners and is open anyone who feels they might benefit.

As well as sessions covering mental wellbeing, there will also be special guests and activities, including personal trainer Javeno Maclean and Myro Doodles, who will offer therapeutic art sessions.

Fiona added: “That’s what My Mind and Me is, it gives people the power to educate themselves, empowers people and encourages a shift in mind set with a view to enable them to feel a bit more resilient, feel more able to manage a bit more and cope with what’s happening.

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“The vision is that we equip people well then they may not go on to develop wider difficulties or they might not go on to need countless therapy sessions or they might not need to see the GP as they feel that they’ve got the skills to deal with things better.”

My Mind and Me sessions will take place every month at the Uplands Medical Centre.

The first session will be held on Friday, May 10 from 10.30am to 12pm.

The programme is open to anyone registered with a GP in Prestwich or Whitefield and those wishing to secure a place are encouraged to reserve a spot by emailing: pcn-tr.mymindandme@nhs.net.